Sunday Night Coed: Chill is On Top!

In a thrilling night of coed soccer at Akron Indoor Soccer, Sunday’s matchups showcased intense competition, spectacular goals, and strategic plays, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming clashes in the league.

Here is a recapping the games of the day in Akron Indoor Soccer’s Sunday Coed League:

Team Dauberman (2-1) 14 vs [REDACTED] (0-2) 6
Team Dauberman secured a convincing win against [REDACTED] with a final score of 14-6. Their strong performance showcased their determination and teamwork.

Jaguars (3-0) 9 vs Merica (1-1) 5
The Jaguars continued their unbeaten streak, defeating Merica with a score of 9-5. Their consistent play and well-executed strategies were key to their success.

A Really Bad Team (1-2) 9 vs Serb Patrol (2-1) 15
A Really Bad Team faced off against Serb Patrol, resulting in a 15-9 victory for the latter. Despite their name, A Really Bad Team put up a valiant effort, but Serb Patrol emerged victorious.

Nameless (1-2) 13 vs Arse ‘N All (0-3) 5
Nameless bounced back from their earlier loss to secure a 13-5 win against Arse ‘N All. Their resilience and determination were evident throughout the match.

Chill FC (3-0) 9 vs Zubris (2-1) 6
The game of the week featured a showdown between the two best teams: Chill FC and Zubris. In a closely contested battle, Chill FC emerged triumphant with a final score of 9-6.

Stay tuned for more exciting coed soccer action next week at Akron Indoor Soccer! 🥅⚽