Fireballs – Rays and Fireballs – GFS shine in the first week of the Men’s Tuesday Night Indoor League

The Men’s Tuesday Night Indoor League kicked off its season with four exciting games at Akron Indoor Soccer on November 7th. The league features eight teams competing for the championship trophy in a round-robin format.

Fireballs – Rays vs ACH FC

The first game of the night saw Fireballs – Rays take on ACH FC in a one-sided affair. Fireballs – Rays dominated the game from start to finish, scoring 10 goals and conceding only one. ACH FC tried to put up some resistance, but could not match the pace and skill of Fireballs – Rays.

Yellow vs Fireballs – GFS

The second game featured newcomer Yellow vs Fireballs – GFS, the veteran team that has won the league three times in a row. Yellow hoped to make a good impression in their debut, but they were quickly overwhelmed by Fireballs – GFS, who scored 12 goals and allowed only one. Fireballs – GFS showed why they are the favorites to win the league again, with a balanced attack and a solid defense.

My Adidas- Team in Black vs Kitec Red

The third game was the closest and most thrilling of the night, as another new team My Adidas- Team in Black faced off against Kitec Red. Both teams played with passion and intensity, exchanging goals and chances throughout the game. Kitec Red had the edge in the first half, leading 5-3 at the break. However, My Adidas- Team in Black fought back in the second half, scoring five goals and equalizing the game at 8-8 with minutes to go. The game seemed to be heading for a draw, but Kitec Red scored a late winner to snatch the victory 9-8.

Summit FC vs The Buffoons

The final game of the night was Summit FC vs The Buffoons, a clash between two experienced teams. Summit FC dominated the match by the score of 11-5, showing their quality and experience. Summit FC scored six goals in the first half and five in the second, while The Buffoons could not keep up with their opponents. Summit FC displayed a clinical finishing and a strong defense, while The Buffoons struggled to create chances and stop the attacks.

The first week of the Men’s Tuesday Night Indoor League was full of goals, drama, and excitement. The league table shows Fireballs – Rays and Fireballs – GFS at the top with three points each, followed by Kitec Red and Summit FC with three points each, but with a lower goal difference. The bottom four teams are My Adidas- Team in Black, The Buffoons, Yellow, and ACH FC, who have zero points each.

The second week of the league will start at 7 PM on November 14th at Akron Indoor Soccer, with four more games to look forward to.

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