SELHUBM: A New Team with a Mysterious Name

A new team has joined the Men’s Tuesday Night League at Akron Indoor soccer. They call themselves SELHUBM, and they are not revealing the meaning of their name.

The team consists of 10 players, who have been playing together for a few years in different leagues and tournaments. They have a solid chemistry, a balanced style, and a competitive spirit.

“We are here to challenge ourselves and have fun. We are not afraid of any team, we respect them all, but we also want to beat them all,” said the team captain, who also declined to share his name. “We have a secret weapon, and that is our name. It gives us an edge, because it makes other teams curious and confused.”

The team’s name, SELHUBM, is an acronym, but the team is not disclosing what it stands for. They say it is a private joke, a motivational slogan, or a random combination of letters. They enjoy keeping other teams guessing, and they have fun with the different interpretations and pronunciations of their name.

“Some people say it sounds like ‘sell hum’, others say it sounds like ‘self-harm’, and others say it sounds like ‘seal bum’,” said another player, who also wished to remain anonymous. “We don’t mind, we think it’s funny. We have our own way of saying it, and we chant it before every game. It gives us energy and confidence.”

The team’s motto is “SELHUBM: You don’t know what it means, but you will remember it.”

The team makes their debut Tuesday, playing against Summit FC, a strong team that has been in the league for a long time.

SELHUBM is not only a new team, but also a new mystery in the Men’s Tuesday Night League. They are bringing a fresh and intriguing element to the game, and they are sparking curiosity and interest among other players and teams.

“We are not here to reveal our name, we are here to enjoy the game. We hope that other teams will see us as a challenge, and that they will also have fun and be creative with our name,” said the team captain. “We are all here for the same reason: to play soccer and have a good time.”