Tuesday Night Men’s League Final Week Recap: SELHUBM, GFS Tied for First.

As the Tuesday Night Men’s League at Akron Indoor Soccer wrapped up its final week, the standings saw some dramatic conclusions.

Stalemate for Sixth: In a match where defense reigned supreme, the Fireballs – Rays held their ground against Fireballs – GFS, with neither team able to break the deadlock, ending the game at a 0-0 draw. This result left the Fireballs – Rays tied for sixth place alongside the Bourbon Bandits, both teams finishing the season with a record of 3-6-1.

Fireballs – GFS Blaze to the Top: Fireballs – GFS showcased their offensive prowess in a high-scoring affair, outplaying Kitec Red with a 12-7 victory. This triumph secured their spot at the top of the league, finishing tied for first with an impressive record of 8-0-1.

Kitec Red and My Adidas – Team in Black Share Fifth: Kitec Red faced off against My Adidas – Team in Black in a competitive clash, with Kitec Red emerging victorious with a 9-5 scoreline. Both teams concluded the season tied for fifth in the standings, Kitec Red with a record of 5-4-1 and My Adidas – Team in Black close behind at 4-5-1.

Summit FC Climbs to Third: In a goal-laden match, Summit FC outscored Black or White with a final score of 14-9. This decisive win cemented Summit FC’s third-place finish in the league, boasting a solid record of 7-3.

SELHUBM and Yellow’s Divergent Destinies: SELHUBM and Yellow clashed in an intense battle, with SELHUBM securing a 15-9 victory. This win allowed SELHUBM to tie for first place, ending the season with a notable record of 8-1-1. Meanwhile, Yellow concluded their campaign in ninth place, with a record reflecting their struggles at 1-9.

The final week’s games have set the stage for an exciting off-season, as teams regroup and strategize for the next chapter in Akron Indoor Soccer’s competitive saga.