Wednesday Night Women: AKC Eggplants Shock FFC, Mom’s Night Out Running On Fumes.

The third week of the Wednesday night women’s league at Akron Indoor Soccer saw some thrilling matches, high-scoring games, and surprising results. Here is a summary of what happened in each game.

Buckeye Bullets vs Mom’s Night Out

The Buckeye Bullets bounced back from their loss in week 2 with a convincing 10-3 win over Mom’s Night Out, who are still looking for their first points of the season. The Bullets dominated the game from start to finish, scoring 3 goals in each half and keeping a tight defense. Mom’s Night Out tried their best to keep up, but could not match the pace and skill of the Bullets. The Bullets are now in fifth place with three points, while Mom’s Night Out are looking into a winery night out next season as they remain at the bottom with zero points and a -21 goal difference.

Goals Gone Wild vs Goal Diggers

Goals Gone Wild continued their unbeaten run with a 12-6 victory over Goal Diggers, who suffered their second defeat in a row. Goals Gone Wild showed why they are one of the favorites to win the league, as they scored six goals in each half and displayed a balanced attack. Goal Diggers put up a good fight, but could not stop the onslaught of Goals Gone Wild. Goals Gone Wild are now in second place with six points, while Goal Diggers are in eighth place with three points.

Y-Town vs Sharp Shooters

The game of the week was between Y-Town and Sharp Shooters, who both had two wins in their first two games. The game lived up to the hype, as it was a high-scoring and competitive affair. Sharp Shooters took the lead in the first half, scoring seven goals to Y-Town’s four. Y-Town tried to stage a comeback in the second half, but Sharp Shooters were too sharp and scored six more goals to seal the win. Sharp Shooters won the game 13-7 and moved up to third place with six points, while Y-Town dropped to fourth place with six points.

FFC vs AKC Eggplants

The upset of the week was between FFC and AKC Eggplants, FFC had one win and one loss in their first two games & were expected to win this game, as they had a better goal difference and a stronger defense. However, AKC Eggplants proved everyone wrong, as they scored four goals in the first half and three more in the second half to stun FFC. FFC could only manage to score three goals in the entire game, as they were outplayed by AKC Eggplants. AKC Eggplants won the game 7-3 and moved up to seventh place with three points, while FFC fell to sixth place with three points.

#You Can’t Sit With Us

You Can’t Sit With Us had a bye this week, as they are the only team with an odd number of games. They are still the leaders of the league, with six points and a 23 goal difference. They will face Goals Gone Wild in week 4, in what promises to be a thrilling clash of the titans.

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