Tuesday Night Soccer Week 9 Recap: Bourbon Bandits Beats Kitec, SELHUBM Still On Top.

As the Sunday Night Coed Soccer league at Akron Indoor approaches its climax, week 9 saw teams battle it out on the pitch with vigor and determination.

The match between Yellow and Fireballs – Rays was a close encounter, with Fireballs – Rays edging out a victory with a score of 11-9. The game was a testament to the competitive spirit of the league, with both teams showcasing their skills and resilience.

In another thrilling match, Summit FC took on Black or White, with Summit FC securing a win with a score of 12-9. The match was a display of tactical prowess and teamwork, as Summit FC continued their impressive run in the league.

The clash between My Adidas – Team in Black and SELHUBM ended with SELHUBM taking the win with a score of 12-9. The game was a showcase of offensive play, with both teams pushing forward and creating numerous scoring opportunities.

The Game of the Week featured Kitec Red against Bourbon Bandits, with Bourbon Bandits triumphing with a score of 13-9. This high-scoring affair was the highlight of the week, with both teams giving their all in a bid for glory.

Looking ahead to week 10, the stakes are higher than ever. Black or White will face off against Yellow in a match where both teams, tied with 3 points each, will be desperate for a win to improve their standings.

The Bourbon Bandits will take on Team in Black in what promises to be an intense match-up. With the Bandits at 9 points and Team in Black at 12 points, both teams will be looking to climb up the leaderboard.

The Game of the Week for week 10 will see Summit FC go head-to-head with Fireballs – GFS. Both teams are tied at 18 points, making this a crucial match that could determine the top spot in the league.

Lastly, Kitec Red will play against Fireballs – Rays. With both teams at 9 points, this game could be a turning point for either team’s season.

As we move into the final weeks of the league, the excitement is palpable, and the competition is fierce. Stay tuned for more action-packed soccer as the teams vie for the championship title.