Wednesday Night Women’s League Week 7 Showdowns: Sharp Shoots, FFC Win Big. Mom’s Night Out Nursing Another Loss.

As the Wednesday Night Women’s League at Akron Indoor Soccer progresses into its seventh week, the competition heats up with teams vying for supremacy. Here’s how the action unfolded:

AKC Eggplants vs Buckeye Bullets

In a thrilling encounter that kicked off the evening, the Buckeye Bullets managed to outscore the AKC Eggplants with a final score of 6-4. The game was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams showcasing their offensive prowess. However, it was the Buckeye Bullets who had the last laugh, securing a crucial victory that propels them further up the leaderboard.

Sharp Shooters vs Goal Diggers

The Sharp Shooters came into the game with their sights set on a big win, and they did not disappoint. Dominating from the whistle, they racked up an impressive 12 goals against the Goal Diggers, who managed to find the net twice. This victory is a testament to the Sharp Shooters’ relentless attack and solid defense, leaving the Goal Diggers to regroup and strategize for the upcoming matches.

Mom’s Night Out vs FFC

Despite a valiant effort, Mom’s Night Out couldn’t withstand the onslaught from FFC, who put on a scoring clinic with 15 goals to Mom’s Night Out’s 5. The game was a display of FFC’s clinical finishing and cohesive team play, leaving Mom’s Night Out to ponder what might have been had they converted more of their chances.

You Can’t Sit With Us vs Goals Gone Wild

The night’s marquee matchup saw You Can’t Sit With Us take on Goals Gone Wild in what was anticipated to be a close contest. However, You Can’t Sit With Us had other plans, as they delivered an overwhelming performance to defeat Goals Gone Wild with a staggering 18 goals to 2. This victory solidifies You Can’t Sit With Us’s position as the team to beat in the league.

As we look forward to the next three weeks, the intensity is expected to rise with teams making their final push towards the end of the season. Stay tuned for more action-packed soccer from the Wednesday Night Women’s League!